Want to sound like the characters you play in online games?

Want to change your voice in voice chat or VOIP apps?

Want to create custom voices for podcasts, video, or other multimedia projects?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

For over 15 years, Antares Audio Technologies has been developing cutting-edge audio processing technology for the professional recording industry. Today, Antares vocal processing tools are used daily by thousands of musicians, engineers and producers in recording studios around the world. And now some of that same technology is available in Antares Voice Thing!, an incredibly fun, easy to use (and affordable) tool for changing your voice.

So What The Heck Is This Thing?

Voice Thing! is an innovative bit of software designed to process and change your voice in an almost limitless variety of ways. It sits between your microphone and any PC application that accepts audio input. (Examples of such applications might include online role-playing games, instant messaging, VOIP, or a video editing program that allows you to add your own narration of other sound effects to your video.)

With Voice Thing!, you can subtly or radically change the character of your voice, turn your (audio) self into a monster or alien, and create the effect of being in a wide variety of sonic environments, from small rooms to huge halls.

Best of all, it’s both easy and seriously fun to use.

What’s It Do?

With Voice Thing! you can:

• Change your voice with the same super high-quality voice processing used in Antares’s professional audio tools
• Raise or lower your voice with high-quality pitch-shifting
• Radically change the quality and/or gender of your voice with our unique vocal tract modeling technology
• Use the Mutation function for a huge variety of monstrous, demonic, or other alternate-species voices
• Instantly translate everything your say into Alien
• Simulate a variety of environments, from a huge hall to a small room
• Choose from an extensive collection of included human, creature, (and just plain weird) voices Listen to some audio examples here.
• Save a virtually unlimited number of your own creations
• Have some serious fun
• Best free vst plugins available

How’s It Do That?

Despite featuring some seriously arcane DSP technology, Voice Thing! has been designed to be quick and intuitive to use. Here’s a quick overview of its functions ( although in the time it would take to read this, you could be downloading the free demo and checking it out for yourself – your choice):


This is where you configure Voice Thing! for use with your audio card or other hardware, save and recall voices, and optimize Voice Thing!’s CPU use for your game or other application.


Here’s where you can shift your voice up or down and change its vocal quality by applying a physical model of the human (or not so human) vocal tract.


Having created your basic vocal characteristic with the Voice Design controls, the Mutate section let’s you turn that voice into a variety of, how shall we put it, alternative entities (i.e., weird creatures).


The Alienize function gives your speech the quality of an alien language by chopping your speech up into small segments and playing each segment in reverse. The effect is kind of hard to describe in words, so just try it. You’ll see (er, hear).


The Reverb section lets you control the amount of echo or reverberation added to your voice. This lets you match the overall effect to the environment your character is speaking in.


The controls in this section, as its name so ably implies, affect Voice Thing!’s output behavior.


Voice Thing! requires a PC running a 32-bit version of Windows XP or Vista and an application that accepts microphone input. (Voice Thing! is not currently compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows.)

Try It For Yourself!

Download a free demo of Voice Thing! and try it for yourself.

Download Voice Thing! Now